Expand your offering by white labeling our AI social media platform

Your branding, Your pricing, Your customers

Why White Label?

Our White Label option is tailored for seamless reselling, equipped with features that ensure user success and simplify setup for your business.

Your own branded AI Social Platform

Enhance your agency's offerings with our white-labeled AI Social Media Platform. This solution lets you offer AI-driven social media management as part of your suite of services. It empowers effortless creation of custom posts and dynamic content, streamlining campaign planning across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Revolutionize your clients' social media strategy under your agency's brand.

Your branding
Your pricing
Your customers

Label Dashboard

Manage your users and their brands directly within the tool. Gain exclusive access to the label dashboard tab for seamless user management. Exercise complete control over the brands created by you or your users. Effortlessly switch between these brands via the dashboard or drop-down brand selector, providing hands-on assistance to set your users up for success.

Ability to create your users and their brands
Switch to your users brands
Manage your users permissions
label dashboard
white label integrations


Easily integrate the AI Social Media tool with your preferred platforms and tools, enhancing your existing workflow. If there's a crucial integration you need that's not currently available, just reach out to us through the chat widget and we'll get it prioritized.

Go High Level
Shopify (coming soon)
All major social media platforms

Go High Level

As the first social media app in the GHL marketplace, we're proud to offer comprehensive compatibility tailored for agencies. This includes robust features for agency reselling, ensuring seamless integration into your existing services. Embrace the full potential of social media management with our platform's advanced capabilities and flexible reselling options, designed to complement and enhance your agency's toolkit.

go high level integration
teams feature


Utilize our Teams feature to efficiently manage multiple brands within your agency. Add users and staff to teams, granting them control over different brands - ideal for larger agencies with varied staff roles. This streamlines workflows, allowing for effective delegation and management of diverse social media tasks.

Custom Sales Page

Get set to market your product with our custom sales page. We equip you with a comprehensive sales page that details the product's features and offerings, complete with media assets. Simply add your sign-up or checkout link, and you're all set to start selling from day one. This ready-made solution streamlines your sales process, ensuring you can hit the ground running.

custom sales page
onboarding support

Onboarding Resources

Ease your concerns about customer onboarding with our in-app progress tracker. It links directly to how-to guides and support articles in our gray-labeled help center. This setup ensures your users get the help they need without requiring extensive support from your end, saving you time and resources.

Help Center

Enhance user support with our extensive help center, featuring a wealth of support articles, how-to guides, and troubleshooting tips. Operating under the generic name 'AI Social Media,' this gray-labeled help center is shared with the original brand, ensuring your users receive the latest and most relevant information. Continuously updated, it offers top-notch, current support to effectively assist your users.

Check it our here.

help center
What our Agencies are Saying


Expand your offering with our white label solution. We provide swift integration, continuous support, and plans that scale with you.

Brand Colors and Logo
Custom Domains
Brands Dashboard
10 Brand Seats included

Manage your own marketing platform and want to integrate with us? We offer quick integration, full uptime support, and plans that scale with you. Learn more here.

Brand Colors and Logo
Custom Domain
Brands Dashboard
Unlimited Brands
Still not convinced?

Frequently Asked Questions

I already use AI for my content, why is Brandblast different?

Brandblast is the leading content creation platform. Here's what our customers say:
- I saved 10 hours a week on creating content by switching to you guys!
- No where else enables you to create a month of content in just 5 minutes.
- I've been able to stop relying on VAs and have completely automated my social content creation.
- As an agency, I can generate 100% more revenue per client by white labeling you guys.

How do I integrate this into CRMs like GoHighLevel?

Integrating the Brandblast into a CRM like GHL is very simple. Just create a Custom Menu Link in your GHL Agency settings pointed towards either our login page or your white labeled login page if you're a white label user.

Does Brandblast get updated regularly?

Yes! We push code every week. We're committed to delivering the best AI social media automation platform available. We consistently ship updates to address bugs, improve the user experience, and push the envelope on our AI capabilities.

Can I fine tune the AI on my brand info?

Yes! We have two phases of AI training:
1. Website Learning - just drop in your url and the AI will learn your brand. This is for gathering general information about your brand.
2. Deep Knowledge - drag and drop documents or freeform text to tell the AI more about your brand. This is what makes the content much more personalized and less generic. It gives the human touch to your content!

Can I add my own photos and products?

Yes we actually encourage brands/agencies to add as much info as possible including images. We can always generate stock images, but your images will always work best (as you picked them 😉). Our AI analyzes each photo you upload so it knows exactly how to talk about it in the post.

Does Brandblast support other languages?

Yes! Just make sure your brand description and uploaded content is in the desired language and the AI will identify it to generate posts in that same language.